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The Benefits of Tae Kwon Do


Tae Kwon-Do will improve your fitness, flexibility and most of all your confidence. It will help you to control or channel your aggression should the need arise. Right from the first lesson you will start developing a whole new range of skills and capabilities with the opportunity to realise self-achievement.


In these days of increasing violent attacks on women it has now more than ever, become necessary for women to be prepared to protect themselves. More and more women are turning to Martial Arts for protection and Tae Kwon-Do can certainly provide this. It is a superb form of self-defence and a great way to keep fit and trim. Tae Kwon-Do is safe, practical and most of all enjoyable.


Children who acquire self confidence at an early age are more likely to succeed in their adult ambitions. Tae Kwon-Do is arguably the best method of instilling confidence into children and at the same time emphasising the importance of respect and discipline. As a result of the fast and exciting nature of Tae Kwon-Do there are thousands of children participating throughout the U.K. and millions worldwide.


Self Defence

Men women and children need to be able to defend themselves if the need arises. With Tae Kwon-do we develop the technique of unarmed combat for self-defence, involving skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks, dodges and restraints.

Self Confidence

Having the ability to defend yourself makes you a more confident person, in all facets of life. Tae Kwon-do is about improving your mental and physical state. It builds a level of self-confidence unsurpassed by any other form of exercise. With training in Tae Kwon-do you will develop the skills to defend yourself. You will be fitter and you will already have achieved something by training in Tae Kwon-do.


The techniques that you learn will be practised against pads which will enable you to develop good techniques, power and confidence in a safe environment. Padwork is used to develop reactions, co-ordination and improve your overall fitness.


Due to the types of exercises and techniques performed, your flexibility and mobility will improve immensely.


In Tae Kwon-do you’ll learn to stretch and exercise nearly every muscle group in your body. That aspect alone distinguishes the sport from most others. But emphasis on improved concentration, stamina and self-control is what really sets Tae Kwon-do apart from other disciplines. To develop those skills, you’ll exercise your mind at least as much as your body. Naturally, the positive effects of that exercise will carry over into other area of your life too.

Tae Kwon-do will improve your standard of fitness, ie. 5 press-ups instead of 2, 10 sit-ups instead of what you could do etc.. Your aerobic fitness will also improve from certain aspects of your training which include, for example, striking the pads or circuits within the class.