Schools of Excellence

Keith Raistrick

Chief Instructor, 4th Degree Black Belt.

Mr Raistrick has been training in Martial Arts since 1984, and not only training, he has been actively competing in tournaments throughout this time, and has been successful on numerous occasions. He has won British, Scottish, Welsh and North of England Championships, was part of the Five Nations International Team which won a 3rd, and took a bronze in the 2002 World Championships in Miami. Mr Raistrick won with European Championships in 2008.

He has also been the self-defence instructor for Cumbria Police force, being responsible for the training of all the forces Police Officers in unarmed combat, self defence and fitness.

Mr Raistrick’s classes are enjoyable and fun with a great social atmosphere. They will help you to keep fit, whilst at the same time learning self defence and the intrecacies of an excellent Martial Art.

Mr Raistrick now has a number of senior students who are able to instruct and teach within the class.